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A world of diversity

SPIE – Unify our differencesOur differences are also opportunities we can use to extend the scope of our expertise. We put this belief into action in the form of strong commitments to promote diversity.

We guarantee complete equality of treatment and opportunity at the recruitment stage and throughout the professional careers of all our people. We deplore all forms of discrimination.


Diversity is a source of innovation, creativity and performance.

Since 2008, we have released our Diversity Charter and the SPIE Diversity Committee, which gathers representatives of each subsidiary, meets regularly. 

For SPIE, diversity is driving development and is promoted through specific actions focused on four main areas in order to:


Achieve a balanced gender ratio in the workplace with our  network  

  • Improve employment opportunities for disabled workers
  • Provide a more balanced generational division within the workplace
  • Provide equal opportunities to all employees of various origins


Find out more about our Digital Reverse mentoring programme that allows our teams to become acculturated to the digital challenges and also intergenerational interactions between young mentors and members of the Executive Committees.



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