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Well Services Engineer (oil and gas)

As a committed team player, you manage and supervise operations as part of our broad range of Well Services. You draw on your specialist knowledge of oil industry equipment and/or well drilling, and your expertise in liner hangers, completions, well tests and slickline operations.

Your key roles:

  • You manage Well Services operations (preparation, implementation and reporting), personnel and associated issues.
  • You contribute to developing procedures, and monitor their on-site implementation.
  • As a manager, you maintain a high level of commitment, order and discipline within your teams.
  • You ensure that all the rules in the specific quality assurance manual are fully applied and complied with. Working in liaison with the quality manager, you also check any updates to this manual.
  • You monitor the certification of all tools and equipment to ensure that they comply fully with current state-of-the-art requirements, and ensure that all the relevant certifications are in place.
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