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Video transcription : Discover the So'SPIE mindset

-What do you mean by ‘nice’? 
-The atmosphere? The people? The benefits? The money? The prospects? The training? The company’s reputation? 
-All that kind of thing...?

-Well, I’ll try to explain...

If I was working for an ordinary big company, I would tell you that SPIE is a large group with a wide range of business lines, double-digit growth and good salaries - plus benefits.

I would tell you there are opportunities to work in your home country or abroad, on an oil platform or under an Alpine glacier, at a nuclear power plant or on a solar farm, or elsewhere.

And all that’s perfectly true... but, for me, there’s more to it than that.

You see, it may seem to be a very small point, but when you start work in the morning everyone says “Hello”! No matter who you are, you quickly sense there's a really friendly atmosphere between people.
Then, during the day, you notice that all the doors are open. And they stay that way! That means that you can speak to people... and they listen.
In fact, SPIE is a big company but the atmosphere is more like a small firm. We work in small units, so relations are on a human scale. We’re mostly on first name terms.(?????? ). That’s just how it is.

What’s more, you are encouraged to meet people, to get to know other employees... 
I’ve been cycling with my boss, I’ve helped my department organise a football tournament and gone along to cheer on my team.
This feeling of being close is a good sign, isn’t it?

So, the great thing is that we talk to each other; 
when we have problems, we talk things over;
when we have ideas or projects, we talk about them, there is even a contest for that,
and if you don’t agree with something you can say so.

Safety is Another important point. 
For us, a work accident is more than just figures on a chart! It means one of our mates will not be making it home after work.
That’s something that shouldn’t happen, so it’s something we all work on… all the time

Another important thing is that things are always on the move.
I started out working on a small project alone in my office. Today I manage 25 people that I recruited myself ...and that’s something I’m proud of!

That's why people feel good at SPIE. 
We develop, we change, we make progress and that helps us become better at what we do.

And then there's the environment. At SPIE, it’s much more than just green marketing: it’s a strategic choice.

We see it as a tremendous opportunity. That’s why we’re pushing ahead with dozens of projects, and this is just the beginning.

To me, all this really means something...

Everything I’ve told you is exactly what I think and, more than that, it’s part of my daily life.
I'm not trying to tell you that we’re the best, but we are good: we’re good at our jobs and we’re good to each other.

I'm not saying we’re a bunch of care bears, but we do care about each other.

You see?
Diversity, Authenticity, Respect, Local Presence, Commitment
This is So'SPIE! A different professional mindset

Hey, that’s me there... Not bad, eh? No? Aw, come on...