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Take the initiative

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At SPIE, we give you the resources you need to work independently. Supported and trusted by your management team, you will be encouraged to take the initiative. For example, people joining us as assistant project/business managers quickly find themselves responsible for their own teams and customer management.

Entrepreneurial spirit is one of the criteria applied by our employee potential assessment system. Your ability to identify opportunities and implement appropriate initiatives, your courage and your ability to anticipate risks  are all qualities we value.

Similarly, we encourage innovative thinking at every level of the Group. Two flagship initiatives put this commitment into practice:

  • Our Innovation Club: Formed in 2006, its members are all representatives of SPIE subsidiary companies. Their missions are to identify, encourage and communicate innovation inside and outside the company to boost our performance.
  • The Innovation Contest: these annual events reward employee initiative. The most promising innovations are sometimes patented and even marketed to our customers!
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