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A safe working environment

2 secured men at the top of a tower

In all our specialist skills sectors, the most important aspect of workplace wellbeing is the certainty of being able to work under optimum safety conditions. Our goal is to achieve 'zero accidents'. To achieve that, we implement a voluntary and committed risk prevention policy.

But we are committed to keeping up the effort to improve safety even further. One of the most important aspects of that effort is anticipating risks. Today, a task leader must, for example, treat safety as a factor to be anticipated ahead of the job, so that all the risks involved at every stage of work can be controlled and the goal of total quality can be achieved.

As part of improving occupational health and quality of life, we implement action plans to reduce Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). These programmes will be further enhanced by our policy of reducing occupational strain and effort. We have also improved the healthcare and health protection resources provided for our expatriate employees internationally with input from a specialist partner organisation. The employees concerned receive real-time information about the situation in each country, backed up by on-demand support and assistance.


SPIE security charter

Read the SPIE safety charter


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