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Join a major company committed to local presence

Employees in front of SPIE headquarters

With consistent revenue growth over the last several years – SPIE achieved in 2018 consolidated revenues of €6,671.3 million and consolidated EBITA of €400.0 million - and a strong local presence, SPIE is committed to delivering continual growth. The power we have as a major group of companies is combined with great flexibility, which is possible because we operate as closely as geographically possible to our customers.

SPIE offers its employees many opportunities for internal and external mobility. Our human resources policy naturally reflects our dynamic approach to encouraging geographic and job mobility within the Group.

The opportunity to discuss your career plans with your line manager and HR team is always open. You will receive personalised support and the opportunity to make your career ambitions known. It's our job to make sure that your ambitions align with our needs.

And to help you develop your career, the mobility opportunities shown on our intranet site always give priority to our own people. Would you like to take on new responsibilities? We offer training modules designed to help you learn the necessary skills. For example, you could be offered a management training course. If you've never led a team before, but would like to do so.

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