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IT Technical or Functional Advisor (ICT)

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IT Technical or Functional Advisor (ICT)

As the technical expert in close contact with customer requirements and involved at every project phase, the technical advisor works independently and ensures that the technical solutions implemented align perfectly with the customer's requirements.
He/she is therefore a key contributor to the relationship between SPIE Communications and its customers, which he/she advises on how to make optimum use of their equipment and/or services. He/she has responsibility for ensuring that project and contract margins and lead times are respected.

Your key roles:

  • To provide the technical and functional interface between the customer and the company.
  • To implement and operate contracts (projects and service contracts)
  • To manage incidents, issues and changes.
  • To respect contract margins and lead times.
  • To provide customers with advice that generates additional work.
  • To ensure that the limitations of the services sold to customers are complied with.
  • To provide on-call services.
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