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IT Maintenance Technician (ICT)

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IT Maintenance Technician (ICT)

The IT maintenance technician delivers technical solutions within a contractually defined scope of responsibilities. He/she documents every job, keeps his/her manager and customer contact informed, and contributes to customer satisfaction. He she provides this maintenance service either by phone or on-site in person in full compliance with all applicable procedures.

Your key roles:

  • You provide users with Level 1 and/or Level 2 office systems support.
  • You resolve the maximum number of issues diagnosed on workstations and servers, and operational issues involving IT systems, data and IP telephony.
  • You also provide preventive maintenance for all aspects of the IT system, and contribute to individual projects, such as deployments and migrations.
  • You inform the point of contact and/or user of the work done and its outcomes.
  • You update the IT system management and maintenance database.
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