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Installer/Heating Technician - HVAC

As an essential contributor to HVAC engineering, you contribute to the installation and correct operation of heating systems. Your work is carried out on a very diverse range of different sites.

Your key roles:

  • You identify the specifications of the project from the structural works drawings (routing, restricted areas, etc.) and prefabricate the components required on site: pipe bends, threading, assembly, supports and anti-corrosion painting.
  • You install lightweight system components: fan-coil units, radiators, etc.
  • You carry out the tasks required to pressurise water networks, such as water connection, pipeline leakage tests (<10 bar) and pressure testing, depending on the equipment installed and building size.
  • Aware of the risks to yourself and your colleagues, you apply Quality, Safety and Environment instructions uncompromisingly.
  • You ensure that the equipment you install and use is in good condition, and contribute to its maintenance.


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