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A Group that develops its people

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Recruitment, induction, training and development, here are the 4 times your career at SPIE.


A time of discovery

The forward management of jobs and skills made necessary by the growth of SPIE in its various markets is the background to our implementation of a dynamic human resources policy in which recruitment is a major component.

Diversity is integral to our recruitment policy, because we believe that bringing in people from every type of background with every type of profile - including disabled candidates - is essential to our development.

Recruiting a new employee is a long-term human commitment that involves a substantial financial investment, given the key principles that we have identified to ensure that the people we recruit are the best available, and are likely to stay with us:

  • The recruitment responds to an identified need
  • The post to be filled and the profile of the person we seek are accurately described
  • The decision to recruit must be taken by joint agreement involving management-level operational decision-makers and human resources professionals - Internal mobility takes preference over external recruitment
  • The job offer is made after joint approval of the application
  • The induction process (initial induction, trial period monitoring, etc.) is part of the recruitment process. It is implemented by the line manager and monitored by the human resources manager. - Young people recruited as interns, trainees or temporary staff are also seen as a talent pool of potential future employees.

Answering offers, Spontaneous applying, social networks, cooptation, interim period, block release training, internship, international volunteer program (VIE), Jobfairs forums.

From the time you are first welcomed into our teams and throughout your career, we do everything possible to support your plans for professional development.


A time of discovery: your induction

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A new working environment, new points of contact and partners, new methods... your arrival at SPIE is about discovering a lot of new things. To help you see things more clearly, you will begin by taking an induction course. The aim of this course is to help you feel at ease as quickly as possible in your new role and give you all the resources you need to work independently.

SPIE integration path


A time of change: your career development

You are the key contributor to your own career development, and it is our job to listen to your plans and help you make them a reality. We do this by providing you with personal support and advice as part of the annual appraisal meeting with your line manager. This conversation reviews the previous year's achievements, and looks forward to your future. This is the perfect time to talk about your ambitions for career development and geographic mobility, and to discuss the training options available to support you in making these changes. At the same time, our company resources evaluation and development committees work to match your aspirations with the needs of the company. Held at every level of the Group, these committee meetings provide a unique forum in which to identify and manage the careers of our most talented people. Tempted by the prospect of mobility? We are keen to encourage all types of mobility, whether geographic, between business activities or between business sectors. The international status and the diversity offered by its many areas of expertise enable SPIE to offer you many opportunities for career development. All you need to do is seize them!


A time of learning: your training

For the successful development of your career and the Group, it is essential that you adapt continually to changes in our markets and customers, as well as to the broader context of economic, technological and social change. That's why we focus a great deal of effort on in-service training for our people delivered by our own in-house training organisation: the SPIE Competences Development Center. The Centre comprises the SPIE Management School and the SPIE Technological Institute. Our training courses reflect these changes in our business environment. They are delivered by external and internal trainers with proven expertise in their own specialist areas. Common objective shared by all our training opportunities is to give you the valuable key skills you need to build a career that fulfils your ambitions.

Competence Development Centre (2 entities) : Management School (dedicated to management development) and Technological Institute (dedicated to the development of skills in our areas of technical expertise).

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