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Develop your team spirit

A team of four technicians and two managers are walking in line in front of an outdoor infrastructure.

Working with SPIE means joining a close-knit team in which the willingness to listen and share contributes to creating an excellent working environment within the company.
Our internal “Clubs” of experts provide a forum open to teams from all subsidiary companies to share their expertise and knowledge about changes in our specialist disciplines and markets. Introduced to encourage open-mindedness and personal development for everyone, these clubs are rewarding both personally and professionally.
Involvement can also be a positive influence on your plans for career development within the company.

In July 2018, SPIE announced the success of its new employee shareholding plan, Share For You 2018. The offer was subscribed by over 6,000 employees and 1,471,793 new shares were issued, raising €21 million. Consequently, the total share count as of December 31st, 2018 was 155,547,949.

And because we are always stronger when we work together, we encourage mutual support and assistance between departments. We apply the same principle to the contract tendering process. We bring together the expertise available across the full range of our specialist skills, subsidiary companies and departments to build a unified tender tailored to the precise needs of the customer. This sense of working together benefits both our employees and the growth of our Group.

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