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Be active in promoting gender diversity

Several studies carried out in the world have shown that the gender diversity within executive positions acts as a real lever for improving overall company performance.

Just like men, women contribute to the success of the company due notably to their creativity and their managerial and organizational skills.

SPIE has always strived to fight against stereotypes and all forms of discrimination within the Group. Thus, we pursue a committed policy for diversity, which is a source of innovation and creativity and therefore a source of performance.

Beyond our commitment, we created in 2015 the So'SPIE Ladies Network, which aims to:

  • Promote professional equality and strengthen gender balance within our teams
  • Facilitate a better development of women’s careers and expertise,
  • Discuss the main issues of gender diversity and the different concerns related to the place of women in the professional sphere.
  • Raise men’s and women’s awareness and mobilise all employees on these issues.

Since gender diversity is a real collective matter at SPIE, this network is mixed and mobilises both male and female employees. The more men are mobilised, the more they will be aware of the problem and the more supportive they will be regarding the issue of gender balance and professional equality between men and women.

The So'SPIE Ladies Network is based on a voluntary approach in which one woman per subsidiary applies to be appointed as a pilot. She is responsible for animating the network by gathering the employees (men and women) to talk about various subjects during workshops.

Actions are also conducted in high schools, engineering and management schools in order to encourage women to follow technical studies and also to attract new talents at SPIE.



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