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Discover our business activities : explore the universe with MySPIE

SPIE placed its 3D virtual universe, MySPIE, on line on the Internet in September 2008.
On an imaginary island 12 km long and 9 km wide, MySPIE conjures up an entertaining, interactive environment illustrating all its business activities.

Five environments can be explored when visiting this website: industry, the commercial sector, energy, infrastructures and local authorities, representing all the economic sectors covered by the Group.

Our business activities

General electrical installations

In fields ranging from traditional and renewable energy production to power distribution for industry, the commercial sector and local authorities, SPIE mobilises a panoply of skills in general and industrial electrical engineering, information technologies and building security.
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Mechanical engineering

SPIE fully analyses its customers’ process and provides multitechnical skills in mechanical engineering fields, including machining, welding, sheet metal work, industrial pipework, electromechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatic engineering and assembly.
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HVAC Engineering

SPIE is among Europe's leaders in the HVAC field. Whether for small jobs or a highly complex operations, SPIE mobilises teams with the ability to adapt according to the requirements of projects and environments.
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Nuclear Services

SPIE provides skilled services to help nuclear fuel cycle operators improve their industrial and environmental performance.
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Oil&Gas Services

SPIE combines all the skills required to support the development of its local and international customers in the oil and gas industry.
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External Network

SPIE's teams work to ensure the long-term viability of existing infrastructures and to develop high-tech services to satisfy the population's future needs.
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IT and communication systems

Day in, day out, SPIE deploys its technological expertise and its service offerings, placing all the multidisciplinary experience of its engineers and technicians at the disposal of its customers.
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Facilities management

The SPIE Group is renowned for its engineering, installation and maintenance expertise and know-how in all its markets and business lines.
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  • External Network
  • IT and communication systems
  • Nuclear Services
  • Facilities management
  • General electrical installations
  • Oil&Gas Services
  • HVAC engineering
  • Mechanical engineering