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Video transcription : Works Supervisor

In the shoes of: Simon Guesdon, works supervisor

My name is Simon Guesdon and I’m 31 years old. I have a bachelor in electrical engineering and renewable energy systems. I joined SPIE as a design technician and later had the opportunity to take on my current role as works supervisor.


What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job is the diversity of people I deal with. I may work with our clients’ worksite, but also, internally, with the design office, the business manager, the costing unit and departments such as purchasing and human resources as well as the warehouseman. My role also involves monitoring, preparing projects and managing teams, but what I prefer is interacting with people!


What is a typical work day?

As works supervisor, I don’t really have a typical day. This means there’s no routine. I might spend a day in the office or a day on a worksite. During a tendering process, I visit the worksite with the client. We discuss the problems and try to find technical solutions. Once the contract is signed, I carry out the technical and safety preparation. Once the work has begun, I regularly go on the worksite to make sure that safety is consistent and the schedule is being followed. Once everything has been successfully completed, I return to the worksite with the client in order to end the project and close the worksite. 


In Human Resources, what are your expectations when recruiting a works supervisor?

When recruiting a works supervisor, what we are looking for, beyond the technical skills related to the job and activity, is that he is thorough and organised in monitoring his worksites. Indeed, a works supervisor must be both close to his teams and also listen to the needs of the clients. It’s actually quite a central position in our organisation. He has to ensure the application of the SPIE’s methods in terms of quality and safety. Thus, he needs to be agile, curious and able to adapt. 


In brief, working at SPIE means...

Working at SPIE means being part of a group on a human scale, known for its professionalism and its focus on performance. I sometimes meet up with colleagues outside of work to go for a drink or go karting.