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Video transcription : Maintenance Technician


In the shoes of: Jean Albert, maintenance technician


Hello, my name is Jean, I’m 23 years old. After qualifying in industrial maintenance I was hired in 2016 as a maintenance technician at SPIE. Doing multiple internships at SPIE helped me join them.




What do you like most about your job?


I had the chance to have co-workers who trained me. It helped me to enhance my skills in a lot of fields that I didn’t master beforehand, but also in my main specialties that are electrotechnics and maintenance. What is nice and what I found positive, is that I’ve learned in multiple fields. Thanks to this job, I was able to expand my knowledge in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). I really enjoy my job because we work methodically, in good conditions and with great colleagues.


What is a typical work day?


When we arrive, we start by checking all the technical equipments. After that, with my colleagues, we meet up for a coffee to discuss, plan the day and assign everyone’s tasks such as dealing with requests for intervention or repairing. At the end of the day, we all meet up again to discuss the day’s results in order to plan the next day.



As a manager, what do you expect from a maintenance technician?


As a maintenance technician, the main qualities are autonomy and technical skills. It is always important to develop new knowledge, to know how to work on old equipment but also to deal with new technologies. So you always need to adapt, learn and interface with your colleagues.


In brief, working at SPIE means…


Working on various equipments, having great interpersonal skills and being close to our customers. For example, in my job, even if I’m specialized in electrotechnics, I also had the opportunity to acquire knowledge on HVAC.